Pro Bags


WARNING: These bags have been known to improve play. May include side effects like taunting and Celebrating louder. Other side effects that may occur are frequent boasting, moonwalking and calling yourself “THE CHAMP”.


Speed rating  8.5 / 3
The Blizzard bag resembles a classic stick and slide cornhole bag with a quicker slide side. You can choose to throw it on the suede side to block your opponent, slam on the brakes or throw it on the faster poly linen side for quicker action. The Blizzard bag has a great feel and pliability to it for a more controlled landing.  This flexibility in the bag allows it to be thrown to move around bags with precision. The Blizzard looks as sharp as it plays with the 2-tone blue. If you are someone that likes to control the board and play with strategy, then these bags are for you.  This bag is made from a Polyester  / micro fibre suede design


Speed rating 8 / 3
This stick and slide carpet bag feel will raise your game.  They are the ultimate in precision and control as they have just the right amount of slide on the twill side and the right amount of stick on the suede side. These bags play tighter than others as they are great for control. They are the most versatile bag in our lineup of the storm series. These things hunt the hole and make shots when needed to keep you at the summit. These are for any skill-level player that can adapt to play against any competition.  Twill / Micro fibre suede design

Speed rating 7.5 / 9.5    This twill mesh combo bag has a quick feel play to it.  These are NOT a stick and slide bag. These are a unique pro design bag that feel great in the hand. For those that have the need for speed, these bags play fast and consistent. Once you have these in your hands you will see the balance and feel for that perfect grip and firmness. The Avalanche bags are not as floppy as some other bags. Nothing stands in the way of the Avalanche as these bags have been known to push and climb the pile with their unique build. These are the fastest bag in our lineup. When you need that bag to get up into the hole this is the one.  Twill / Mesh design

Black Ice

Speed rating 7/3.  This stick and slide carpet style bag allows you to control what you want it to do. Black ice is a more firm feel that gets even more dangerous as they break-in. These bags have a medium speed rating allowing you to be ultra-accurate from where they land. Versatile describes these bags as they are great for beginners and deadly for those with more skill. Beware of Black Ice. Danger Ahead.  Linen / micro fibre suede design

Each bag is the official regulation size and weight. They are made of high-quality grade duck cloth and resin pellet filled for that perfect consistency. You will be glad you made the switch.

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